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Follow along with our video series on how to make a masterful report of every area of a pool system.

The Swimming Pool

We’ll show you how to inspect decking, tile, the skimmer, anti-entrapment drain covers, looking for code violations, diving boards, slides, alarms, bonding, lighting, and more.

The Pool Pump

You don’t want to ignore the pool pump at an inspection. Learn how to recognize wear and tear, identify problems, and recognize common leak issues.

Plumbing and Valves

Basic plumbing inspection on PVC fittings and valves, and tips on how to inspect.

Salt Equipment

Fundamental inspection information of salt sanitizer systems and basic reporting information.

Offline Chlorinator

Understanding sanitizer feeders and offline chlorinators, and recognizing the signs of what to recommend.

Pool Heater

Some basic pool heater protocol for a pool inspection, and more.

Pool Entry Systems

Most state codes require entry gate systems that are self closing and self latching. Get to know what to look for in this tutorial.

Electrical Breaker System

Basic sub panel electrical system inspection, what signs to look for, inspecting required GFCI protected mechanisms, and more.

Circulation Filter System

So, you need to check a Circulation Filter System. Look no further – we’ve got you covered.

Computer Leak Analysis

The number one question we’re asked: “Will you tell us if the pool has a leak?” Yes, we absolutely will. Find out how we do it here.

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